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Summer Feeding Program (FREE!)



Window Arts Enrichment is a sponsor for the USDA Summer Food Program. 

During the school year, many children receive free and reduced-price breakfast and lunch through the School Breakfast and National School Lunch Programs. What happens when school lets out? Hunger is one of the most severe roadblocks to the learning process. Lack of nutrition during the summer months may set up a cycle for poor performance once school begins again. Hunger also may make children more prone to illness and other health issues. The Summer Food Service Program is designed to fill that nutrition gap and make sure children can get the nutritious meals they need. Children and teens aged 1-18

2019 Window Arts Enrichment Sites

Bi-Okoto Cultural  

 Playtime USA

The Word Youth Center

Cry Cornell

Northlake Apartment

Dohn Center

3R Development

Tikku Farm

Windgate Apartments

Cry Main Project

Cry McCall Project

Cry Hoover Project

Cry Whitmore Project


Hands That Feed working together to enrich the lives of children.  

Join the fight to end hunger.

Thank you to all our sites participating in the 2016 summer food program. 

How can I help?

You can always help by sharing information about our programs and services in your

communities, schools, and churches! 

This is a free program for kids, with all contributions and donations going directly to

our mission of feeding and enriching the lives of children.

Partner with us and become a sponsor in helping the fight to end hunger today!. 

Cost of helping spread the word to those who need it : $0

Cost of feeding hungry kids...inside and out: Priceless!

(513) 551-9706

In accordance with Federal law and U.S. Department of Agriculture(USDA) civil rights regulations and policies, Window Arts Enrichment is prohibited from discriminationg on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age or disability.  

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