Window Arts Enrichment

An Official Campaign Partner of "The Arts! Ask for More!"


"We were very impressed with the attitude of and work ethic of your students and I hope we can continue this partnership..."

- K. Roselle

"On behalf of the Gamble-Nippert YMCA, and Westwood School, I would like to thank you for your wonderful programs. We look forward to working with you in the future." - E. Bonner



Storybook Musical: In this interactive workshop, children are engaged in the art of literacy through storytelling. Taken on an imaginary adventure of drama, dance, song, and music as each story unfolds, students are encouraged to recreate scenes from the stories through music and movement. These sessions promote imagination, creativity, critical thinking and language skills. 


Dance: Ballet, Creative Movement, Tap, Liturgical, and Jazz Dance.  Students learn dance as a creative tool to stimulate activity on a physical and emotional level.  Our program challenges student’s ability to focus, while sharpening their cognitive skills.  Maintaining physical stamina and introducing fun in learning is all a part of what this program encourages.


Eco-Fiber Arts: This arts and crafts class offers children the opportunity to create one-of-a-kind pieces using a wide variety of materials and mediums. Their work may be wearable or functional, but will always express the imaginative eye of the artist. 


Work It!: This program introduces students to the rewards of community service by using their skills and talent in and around the Greater Cincinnati community. Opportunities include work with organizations such as the Hamilton County Park District as well as several other local non-profit organizations. Young people will learn the value of teamwork and helping in their community while building friendships, connections, and self-esteem.

Tumble Bumble: A fitness and nutrition program for preschoolers.  This program combines fun gymnastics and creative movement along with the essential elements of healthy eating habits for children to explore their bodies and challenge their minds through play.  

Fun Fitness: Creative activities engage students in aerobic activities, beginning tumbling and gymnastics and fun! Maintaining physical stamina, sharpening memory skills and sharpening focus are just a few of the benefits of the perennial favorite!


Farm Fresh: Students learn all about choosing and preparing healthy foods with an emphasis on organic fruits and vegetables through visits to local farmers markets and orchards along with simple food preparation workshops.


After School Tune-Ups: A custodial care program for parents who need longer care during the school year and for children not old enough to be responsible for themselves. Our program offers daily attendance, homework time, arts, games and a snack. We also offer programs for special needs children and their families.

Nautical Knowledge:  This is a unique program designed where teens may explore the world of Science and Mathematics through boating and nautical hands-on experience.  Students will have a chance to experience the inner working of a boat, charting&coordinates, water safety, water life exploration, and environmental preservation.   


WAE College-Readiness Workshops: As an organization that serves districts with a relatively high number of underserved students, the purpose of this program is to provide students and their families with the tools needed for a successful post-secondary education.


Who Am I: A personal development program for girls ages 12-18 designd to empower and promote leadership, self-esteem, self-awareness through education, team building and mentorship.


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