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Look Again!
Robin Carpenter - Wed Dec 02, 2009 @ 04:04AM
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There once was a blind man standing on the edge of the shore facing the sea who heard a voice beside him say “Look Again”.  Startled the man said who are you?  The voice repeated “Look Again!”.  Can’t you see that I am blind”, insisted the man, “I can’t see”!  Again, the voice said “Look Again!”.  Frustrated and aggravated the man turned and walked away feeling sorry for himself, because life had dealt him such a tragic bad hand.  It was obvious just by looking him and his situation he thought, that he could not do such an unreasonable and outlandish request.  The man could not see, that just because he was blind did not mean he had no vision.  He did not understand that the voice was not referring to his natural sight, but God’s view of him; something far more capable and valuable than  he thought himself to be.  He certainly could not comprehend that he could influence and enrich someone else’s life. 

How about you?  Are you like the blind man?  Life is a choice. Choose the highest vision of yourself and someone else.  The next time you see a group of young people standing around in what appears to be doing nothing, or the child everyone labels as a bad kid, “Look Again”.  See past your preconceived notions, stereotypes and your own worldview and envision them in their highest gifts and potential. 

That is what we try to do at Window Arts Enrichment.  Every child needs a chance to be looked at in a new light and given an opportunity to express and live out their highest vision of themselves.  Join us in spreading renewed vision to a whole new generation. 



Comments: 10


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