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Robin Carpenter - Tue Sep 15, 2009 @ 07:33AM
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Now is the time and season where you can make a difference.  How many of us go about our day only being concerned with those things that pertain to us and our needs.  We stand in line at a grocery store and see a child crying while a mother is franticly searching her purse to find change to pay for what little items she has, and we say to ourselves “that doesn’t concern me.”  Children go to school with shoes and clothes too big and no coat or jacket and we think “it’s a shame, but what can I do about it?”  We see teens hanging out on the street corners and we get annoyed and think “somebody should do something about that.”  Maybe that someone should be you.

We can all play a part in serving our children and the people around us.  Volunteer at a local school in your area.  Talk to a teacher or counselor and see what child is in need and go the extra step to help.  Get together with a group of friends and go give out free waters and an encouraging word to those teens hanging out with nothing to do.  Maybe they are waiting for you with new ideas and opportunities.  Next time you are at the store, pay for an item for someone else. 

If each of us does small things they can add up to big change.  It’s time to stop waiting for someone else to make a change.  Start by being an ARK, a person who gives A Random act of Kindness.  Get creative with your ARK and watch the world around you change, because you made a difference.

Much love!


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Comments: 5


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